Travel Insurance

A travel insurance policy can help protect you from unexpected events and circumstances that may occur while you’re traveling. That could be trip cancellation coverage, which will reimburse you for the costs of flights, hotels and other pre-paid or non-refundable trip expenses. There’s also medical expense coverage, this protects you from extensive costs of overseas hospitalization and treatments. The right travel insurance policy can give you the protection you want for peace of mind while you travel.

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Do You Travel A Lot? If So, You Need Protection

Things happen when you’re traveling and if you don’t have a travel insurance policy, those unexpected cost can hurt you financially. Travel insurance is important because it gives you protection from unexpected events that may delay your travel plans. travel budget and even your health. Travel insurance has become highly sought after and it’s actually quite cost effective. The good news, there’s travel insurance coverage for a whole range of unexpected circumstances and age groups. If you’re looking to buy travel insurance or just looking to get a travel insurance quote, we can help. Call 1-303-623-1997 to learn more.

Travel Insurance Coverage For What Matters The Most

There’s a wide range of different thing that travel insurance can help you protect. It doesn’t matter if you travel alone, travel with family or travel with friends, we can help you find an appropriate domestic travel insurance policy or an international travel insurance policy. The right travel insurance policy gives you protection and peace of mind while you’re traveling. 

Buying Travel Insurance Coverage 

It can be tough to find the right place to buy your travel insurance. Here at the Scheibe Agency, we work with multiple insurance companies to help you compare the top travel insurance policies. Unlike other companies that can only give you one quote, we can give you several travel insurance quotes and you can choose the type of travel coverage you want. 

An ideal travel policy offers sufficient coverage at a reasonable price. There are many different variables involved in the travel insurance quote process and insurance carriers offer a variety of plans and coverage levels to choose from. No one should go through this process uninformed and without an easy way of navigating the world of trip insurance.


What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Depending on the travel insurance coverage you choose, there’s a wide range of coverage options for you.

  • World-Wide Travel Assistance
  • Last-Minute Cancellation Coverage
  • Emergency Dental And Medical Coverage
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance

Each travel insurance policy is unique, so you can choose the best type of coverage that fits your travel needs. To get started on a free travel insurance quote, just call us at 1-303-623-1997.


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