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Choosing a life insurance policy that fits your specific needs can be a challenge. When it comes to one of the most important decisions you’ll ever decide to make, you want to be ensured you’re making the right choices. As an independent insurance agency, we work with a wide range of life insurance companies to help you find the right fit for your life coverage. 

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Life Insurance Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

If you’ve been searching to find the right life insurance, you likely already know there’s a lot to getting covered. Not only do you have to worry if you can qualify for life insurance, you also have to navigate all the different types of life coverage policies that may be a fit for your unique situation.  

Nobody understands that challenge more than us, we can help answer any life insurance questions you may have and help guide you to the type of coverage that makes sense for your special scenario. There’s a reason why more Colorado residents are choosing the Scheibe Agency for all their insurance needs. Get started on your life insurance quote today by calling us at 1-303-623-1997 and discover the difference for yourself.

The Basics Of Life Insurance

A lot of people don’t understand everything life insurance involves, so naturally they have a lot of questions. If that is you, don’t worry, we’ll help answer all the questions and concerns you have. It doesn’t matter what part of life insurance you’re asking about;


  • Term Life Insurance
  • Permanent Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Cash Value Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Beneficiaries 

Peace Of Mind For You And Your Family

You want to feel secure knowing that the money left will be there when you need it the most. You need to know credit cards will be paid, home and car loans, your children’s education expenses, medical bills and burial expenses. This is why it’s extremely important you choose the right life insurance coverage and you understand exactly what it involves.

Shopping Life Insurance Companies

If you’re shopping around for life insurance, you already know it can be a hassle. 

We can help you save you time and money with your life insurance quote because we’re an independent insurance agency. That means we work with over 100 different insurance companies to help you find the right life insurance at the right price. While other companies can only give you one life insurance quote, we can give you many quotes based on your specific request.

Coverages At A Glance

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an affordable life insurance like term insurance, the cash value and lifelong protection of permanent insurance or a combination of both, we have the options to fit your budget and needs. 


  • Term Life – An easy, affordable coverage for a select period of time.
  • Whole Life – Get lifetime coverage with cash value access.
  • Universal Life – Flexible coverage with flex premiums


  • Term Life – Available only for the return of a premium term.
  • Whole Life – Yes, cash value growth is tax deferred.
  • Universal Life – Yes, cash value growth is tax deferred.


  • Term Life – This would be appropriate for short-term coverage needs.
  • Whole Life – This is appropriate for long-term coverage needs.
  • Universal Life – This provides permanent coverage with flexability.


  • Term Life – Yes, as long as provided premiums are paid as required.
  • Whole Life – Yes, guaranteed for the life of the policy, provided that premiums are paid as required.
  • Universal Life – N/A

Life Insurance That Fits Your Budget

Depending on the specific type of life insurance you get, the monthly cost of that coverage can vary a lot. Since we work with numerous life insurance companies, we can help you find the right coverage and at the right budget.

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