So, how long goes it take to get renters insurance? This was one of the questions we’ve received today and the answer is pretty straight forward.

Buying renters insurance is a fairly quick process.

Renters insurance isn’t legally mandatory by law, but you’ll find that many landlords require it as a “condition” at the lease signing. If that’s the scenario for you, you’re going to need to get a renters insurance quote fairly quickly. If the landlord does indeed require it, you’re going to need it or be forced to rent somewhere else.

The good news, buying a renters insurance policy is an easy process that can be done in as little as a hour. If you’re curious to find out how long it takes to apply for renters insurance, how long it takes to become active, and all that good stuff, continue reading.

How Long Does It Take To Apply For Renters Insurance?

With some insurance coverages, it can take a little time to apply and get covered. For example, health insurance and life insurance are two types of insurance coverage that can have you waiting weeks for answers. Disability insurance is another we could add to the list.

More good news, you’re not here for those insurance types, right? You want to know about renters insurance. How long does it take to apply? Try around 15-30 minutes. Yeah, that’s it.

Now, just so we can make that process quick as possible, make sure you have the following with you;

Information About Your Residence

  • Location and Type (apartment, condo, house, etc)
  • Any existing damage to the structure
  • For business use (personal renters policies may not cover commercial activity)
  • Dogs or other pets (there may be limited coverage or increased costs for some pets)
  • Claims filed previously

Renters Insurance Coverage Types

  • Personal Property — This covers the cost of replacing your personal belongings if they’re stolen or damaged.
  • Deductible — This is the amount you’ll be responsible for to cover each time you file a claim before your coverage kicks in.
  • Personal Liability — This covers legal costs from injuries or damages on your property.
  • Medical Payments — This covers medical expenses if someone is injured.
  • Loss of Use — Pays for accommodations if you’re forced to leave your residence.

Learn more about the types of coverage included in your renters insurance policy.

  • Safety features Safety features like smoke detectors and burglary alarms can result in discounts.
  • Add-ons and Endorsements You can customize your policy to increase payout limits for certain items, or add identity theft or earthquake coverage.

When Will My Renters Insurance Start?

Now that you know it only takes a few minutes to apply for renters insurance, how long does it take for renters insurance coverage to start?

This answer is an easy one. You get to choose when it starts! Customers get to choose their effective date when they purchase a policy. That means you get to decide when coverage starts. It could be today, or it could be next month when you move into your new home. The date is up to you.

Real quickly, here’s an important note. Some insurance carriers won’t let you effectuate a policy with a start date that’s more than two or three months away. This may change your planning a little, you may have to wait a little while if you had plans for insurance a few months out. None the less, it’s a minor inconvenience.

How Can I Get Renters Insurance Now?

If you’re ready to get renters insurance right now, we can certainly help with that.

Remember, don’t forget everything we mentioned above, you’ll need that information with you before we get started. Once you have it, just call 1-303-623-1997 during regular business hours. You can see our hours here.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to learn about other insurance coverage or bundling insurance, we’re always here to help. We provide insurance needs for the whole state of Colorado, so if you’re a Colorado resident, we can help!