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When it comes to protecting your home from floods, we can help you make sure you’re fully protected. Your home is likely one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, not to mention all the valuables and belongings you have inside. The right flood insurance coverage can give you peace of mind knowing you’re protected. We can help you compare multiple flood insurance quotes at the same time, giving you the opportunity to save time and find the best coverage possible for your unique situation. 

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Protecting Your Investment With Flood Insurance

Disaster can strike in a moment’s notice. A flash flood can happen quick and if you get flooded without being insured, you’re taking a risk of losing everything you own. Here at the Scheibe Agency, we can help you find the right flood insurance coverage at the right price. We can make sure your home is protected. Your home insurance coverage may not protect you from flooding. If it doesn’t, you’re going to need flood coverage. The great news, we can help you save on your home insurance and flood insurance. We have a wide range of discounts available to get you more insurance coverage for less.

While you may not be required to get flood insurance, we’d certainly recommend considering it. Your home, property, valuables and assets are not worth the risk.  Get a flood insurance quote today by calling us at 1-303-623-1997 and discover the difference for yourself.

Ask Yourself What’s The Cost To Replace What I Have?

Take your home for example. Sure, the home itself is valued at a lot of money and it would cost a lot to replace your home. What about your furniture? Jewelry? Clothes? Then you have your belongings that can’t be replaced, like old picture albums, crafts the kids made when they started school, toys you played with when you were younger that you passed along to your children or grandkids. 

While you may not be able to get everything back, there’s comfort in knowing a lot of these would be covered if your home was flooded, if you’re covered by the right flood insurance.

    Do I Need Flood Insurance?

    Now, it’s possible that you live in an area that can flood. In such cases, flood insurance is often required. Your lenders want to make sure the home is protected. If you’re applying for a loan to get a new home, it may be required before you close your loan.

    It only takes one flood to lose everything. We’ve seen areas where it never floods get that “storm of the century” and destroy homes. Like we said, your home is a big investment, is really worth risking? 

    We would say not.

    There’s also usually a waiting period to get flood insurance protection. This can take as much as 30 days, so make sure you’re aware of that. There’s exceptions for those of you that are buying a new home.

      National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

      Now, if you live in an area that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), you may be eligible to get homeowners flood insurance for a great price. This means insurance companies issue flood insurance that’s administered by the federal government. We recommend giving us a call at 1-303-623-1997 to see if you qualify as it can save you money when you buy flood insurance. 

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